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Originally Posted by maltinpolar View Post
Interesting, but log said AP, not Chroniton. What gives?

Also, it was a Capture and Hold match. I was, well, holding one of the outposts by myself, guy uncloaked (alone) from my 2 o'clock and I -with max shields and hull- went poof before I had time to react. There was no one else around and no spam involved of any kind, so I had a good look (and hear) at the aggro: it was cannons.

Please bear with me. I have a fairly decent build, and while I'm not by any means invincible -not by a long shot- I can now put up a good fight for at least a minute before getting whacked. I'm just trying to understand what happened.

More theories, please.
But it used the antiproton mag regulator as the weapons console according to that STO wiki.

I think, like some of the borg, it is anitproton under a chroniton skin.

Maybe I should not think.
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