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11-26-2012, 05:47 AM
  1. I actively seek out to exploit powers when I know that they are currently deemed as broken, and go to great lengths to justify them as ok, both to myself and others.
  1. I do not use Consoles that I know to be broken. I will use those that are "bitched" about but not broken, in my opinion, in Ker'rat.
    I avoid using broken powers as much as possible and wish the game would stop breaking them so often.

  2. I use console powers not necessarily because of their damage potential which I know is not great, but the unintended side effects of lag they do cause to another player.
  3. I live and play in lagg why would I wish that upon another. No, I use consoles for thier abilities not how they may disable the game.
  4. "I" must survive.
  5. That is the objective......

  6. I would rather save that HE for myself that extend it to a team mate.
  7. Too late. I have already used it on others.

  8. I spawn camp before moving away, not allowing the other side to advance.
  9. In Ker'rat I shoot as soon as I see the phasers fly.......

  10. When someone brutally kills me, I insult them via PM or zone chat, instead of PM them afterwards to congratulate them.
  11. No, I do not.

  12. I find it easier to blame the devs for the system, but am still quite "innocent", happily running three SNB (take your pick) doffs.
I do blaim them for the issue we have such as lack of KDF development, no PvP development and other bugsthat would I can only imagine would not be ingame if the team focused on balance as much as quick profit.

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