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11-26-2012, 06:16 AM
A. support such a system

Cryptic has enough of my money already, i will not give them any additional money for things that MIGHT turn out good or bad. (be that ships / systems / whatever)

Example: i was totally hot for the Wells and Vesta classes.
Now that i see what their BOff and Console layouts are... did not like and not buy,
would i have pledged money to get them? HELL YES! I love those Ships in STAR TREK, but i hate SCI ships in STO.

No, Kickstarter is not needed for STO, if they want to know what i would buy JUST ASK ME, make a POLL!

Anyway Cryptic is not telling numbers, if they would use Kickstarter it would require them to set a goal and tell us how much of that goal was met, i have a feeling they would not like us to know how much money goes around for whatever it is they are doing.

and with that the rest of the questions are obsolete for me.