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11-26-2012, 06:28 AM
I was proud to beat the old Big Dig, because it was ridiculously difficult and long, but it wasn't good content. It needed changing. I haven't had a chance to run it again so I don't know if it properly completes or not.

So our fleet tried to run these revamped FAs.

Gorn Minefield - God is this easy. Except you can't complete the daily mission because the 4 places to scan aren't there anymore, so whats the point? I dropped the daily mission 3 days ago to see if it updates and it never came back.

Klingon Scout Force - This mission takes a while to complete, but it does complete unlike the minefield. Again.. 3 days ago and the daily mission never came back, so how do we get 50 marks/day? Its also pretty easy, so easy everyone is just flying around in circles looking for enemies to kill, then everyone rushes to a group kills it, and waits for more enemies. This is a fleet action? Fix the respawn on the birds of prey and the cruisers, everyone is just flying around doing nothing for most of the FA.

So there are some MAJOR problems with these
1. The daily missions for fleet marks aren't daily. They aren't reliable sources of marks.

2. The additional scan 4 of whatever added to each mission is bad, I guess it stops the AFK players, but as its not listed as a objective while playing most people don't remember to do it. There are 3 issues with it I see. First it takes you far out of the mission to run around scanning things, this means if someone else isn't doing it your chance of getting 1st place is.. 0. Second, its too easy to forget, it isn't listed as a FA objective. Third, it doesn't work in gorn minefield at all.

3. Klingon Scout Force take too long for the reward because the respawn rate of the first 2 goals is terrible. The gorn minefield can't be completed. Whats the point of running these if you can get more marks than just running other standard FAs in less time?

The fleet is primarily concerned with fleet marks and dilithium. These fleet actions aren't a good source of either and will be not played at all unless changed.