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Originally Posted by crashoveride2 View Post
you would think that with the slight increase in dilthium from your report, you would think the dilthium economy conversion rate would increase, right? Last time I was it was 126 dilthium to the Zen
No for two key reasons.

1. The reality is these calculations posted are not in any way accurate at all. The truth is if you ask anyone on the STF's channels in game how much they made from Proto Salvage and Rare Salvage, they would tell you... a lot. Over 5 STF's I'd usually get at least 1 proto salvage and 1 rare salvage (that's 3k Dilithium alone). They were random, but they sure showed up a lot for most people. In some instances I got 3 Proto Salvages, but I'd say that's a 1/20 mission event.

In continuation on the point about dilithium, there are 2 factors not mentioned at all here. Firstly the large dilithium sinks in embassies and the continuing dilithium sinks in fleet projects. Ultimately there are more sinks and there has been no significant inflation in dilithium to match the increased sink costs. Add to that the next factor, that dilithium is now spread across more thinly across more events than being concentrated in just a few events. This increases the time it takes to farm and increases player irritation with the game, thus both the amount refined and the amount spare after commitments to exchange is lower than Pre-Season 7.

2. The other key factor in all this is people have been sitting on their dilithium or are still converting all the dilithium they cashed out knowing how poor the OMEGA boxes would be. Many are also sitting on their dilithium because of the uncertainty of dilithium costs for future projects. There was a I had posted and expected in the other forums a brief rallying of Zen values as people began to unleash some of their reserves when Zen hit a low prices... this flooded the market temporarily... this was however then offset by that wave of dilithium spending receding and the amount of Zen increasing on the exchange due to the dilithium sale.

Overall the value of Zen will continue to be depressed until people have hit Tier 5 and know for sure what they need to spend on what projects. Even after that though the price will probably not increase to the level it was Pre-Season 7 thus reflecting the overall negative change in the economy.

This of course will benefit Cryptic as less dilithium spare means more Zen transactions to buy up what Spare dilithium there is. It will also be a boon to those who are not in fleets, do not need to worry about any large dilithium sinks or costs at the moment.


Let explain my own conclusion about how much the average player needs per to do per day to keep up with personal progression and fleet progression.

I set the goal at:
  • 60 Romulan Marks per day
  • 75 Omega Marks per day
  • 50 Fleet Marks
  • Setting up Doff Assignments
  • 1 Dilithium based PVE
  • 5 minutes to queue up your rep projects
  • 5 minutes to contribute to fleet projects

The result is at the moment for one character you need:

15 Minutes for the 60 Romulan Marks, using the Tau Dewu daily.
15 Minutes for the 75 Omega Marks, using ISE
45 Minutes for the 50 Fleet Marks, using Officer reports (until the daily minefield is fixed)
20 Minutes for setting up Doffs, (includes travel to various places)
20 Minutes for Dilithium PVE, SB24
10 Minutes for queuing projects

Total: About 2 hours (not including time wasted due to loading transitions etc)

In terms of Dilithium farming you will make from 2 hours work...

960 from ISE
1440 from Officer Reports
1000avg from doffing (more if you have the option to do rare assignement and then crit them, plus of course contraband)
1440 from SB24

total Dilithium: appx 4840. (this can be boosted by increasing weekly incomes like cashing in 5 contraband and 5 BNP's, those rewards would then be divided over 5 or 7 days... if you have a lot of Purple doffs you could crit a lot of missions and get maybe 2-3k dilith from assignments)


I have 3 characters so to keep up with the daily I would need to do 6 hours per day.

Therefore, most of this work is shunted to the weekends, apart from Officer reports which is on a timer.

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