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While I've had this happen about every time I've done the patrol, today was the FIRST time I saw the enterprise-f actually saucer separate while its Aquarius was out! it did it right after I did in my fleet explorer. I thought, Hell wish MY Odyssey could use its Aquarius and saucer separate at the same time!
Huh. I haven't seen it do THAT before. It's pretty crazy already: seems to have several beam banks, quantum torpedoes, AND tricobalt launchers. And it can apparently do the saucer sep and launch its escort? Fantastic.


Originally Posted by mailman650 View Post
I think it's a new feature that's being implemented where you get assistance from other ships every so offten. Sounds pretty neat from what I'm reading.
You know, it'd be pretty neat if, in every different sector you had a patrol in, a signature ship would occasionally warp in to assist you. Like, in Beta Ursae, you could sometimes get the Defiant, and such.
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