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Couple of things to know. What was your health when it started? How far away was this BOP? And who else was involved? From full health no one will be killing you with just cannons in a half second. I'm sure you said that for effect, but still it would take five to ten seconds to do. And as someone already noted, that damage figure seems a bit high for cannons.

But if you really were destroyed in what looked like a half second to you, BO3 would do it. You may not have even seen the beam. It can happy VERY fast.

It is nice you keep logs that is a good place to start. Get fraps or some other video capture method and take some footage of yourself. It can be VERY helpful in aiding your memory (and your eyes) when reviewing logs!

Some ships that exploded very quickly. At TIMES. Not always. Still fun to watch. I reccomend skipping right to the end and watching the carrier last 3 seconds. Save yourself a bunch of time!

Cheers and Happy Flying!
Yep, nothing better than sneak-attacking a hapless Feddie with BO2/BO3 and HY3 quantum torps. When it works, it's an amazing sight to behold