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Originally Posted by cormoran View Post
Pretty much this. I say save any pictures of Romulans for if/when they release a Romulan faction.
Good job they didn't release the Romulan one prematurely then, cause at this rate we'll never get that Green faction.

Originally Posted by nynik View Post
If I recall correctly, the path to 2409 (RIP) did allow for non-federation species to enlist in Starfleet, so Romulans can certainly sign up, not that I think she's Romulan.
You're right, it did. This was the case in cannon too as numerous Bajoran joined Starfleet before Bajor joined the Federation.

As for the latter, do you mean we've seen two Human-Romulan hybrids in the past, or that we've seen two Human-Romulan hybrids join Starfleet?

Originally Posted by captw View Post
she could be part Romulan part Human, it has been done before in the past.
Whilst true, considering there is no option to mix-race in-game, it would seem a little... out of place. It's more likely she's an illogical Vulcan that has decided to grow her hair and unzip her top. Maybe she's going through the Pon Faar and requires more attention?