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Originally Posted by xantris View Post
Not anymore. Market speculation on the new Romulan weapons has pushed the consoles up just under Disruptors in price(22 million and rising), about a 400% increase over the last week.
Roll a Klingon, level it to 50 and replay Blood of the Empire. It's reward selection includes Mk XI Plasma Infusers and Mk XI Ambiplasma Envelopes among other consoles.

Originally Posted by pottsey5g View Post
Unless you run projectile doffs then Photons are one of the lowest DPS torps.
Okay what? Since when? Last I checked (which was this morning actually) Photon Torpedoes had an unaugmented DPS that was second only to Quantum Torpedoes and could be argued to be better than Quantums in certain circumstances because they had an unagumented fire rate that was the highes of any projectile weapon in the game.