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11-26-2012, 09:32 AM
Originally Posted by rjcfoxtrot View Post
Individual experiences will vary, as I indicated in my original post. Some won't make their cap, others will do it in 6 hours. My own experience has me making my cap in about 2-3 hours of play each day with a combination of DOff'ing, Fleet Actions, and Dailies.

I did want to address this particular point though.

While there are more sinks in Season 7, you do not have to do all of them at the same time. It's entirely up to you with regards to what you want to put resources into. No one is under any pressure to get their Starbase, Embassy, or Reputation to max as fast as possible. That's a pressure they've created themselves if anyone feels that way.
Games are about progress we are all whether we like or not addicted to seeing progress in things we do. It's in our psychological make-up, they know this, it should really be accepted as known by the playerbase too.

We are whether we like it or not under an unconscious pressure progress things... on top that there is the conscious pressure of fleet-mates and the new changes in Season 8 that will add even more to do... just like a game of Tetris we are compelled to cleat the blocks before too many pile up.