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11-26-2012, 09:41 AM
Cruisers suffer in the game because Escorts are nearly as tough yet pack so much more punch. Escorts are tough enough to survive everything in the game about as well as a cruiser. So why give up the very high damage and maneuverability for a cruiser? The main reason why Escorts are so tough is Tactical Team. I can't believe I haven't seen it come up in this thread (may have missed it).

This one ability turns any ship into a beast of a tank. And with two copies you've got 66% up-time with only a 5s window of downtime between TTs, during which your normal shields are able to hold. Plus TT makes your other shield heals better. Without TT, if only one shield facing has been damaged and you hit a shield heal, you're restoring one facing. With TT, you have re-balanced from 3 other facings so your shield heal has full effect on those 3 facings.

TT is so powerful that I do not fly a ship without 2 copies, be it escort, crusier, or sci. I only need rank one. If I only fit one, I slot 2 Purple Conn Officers to bring it down to cooldown. I can never take Eng Team or Sci Team, because the TT is so much better. I've run tank spec/build, and TT gives more to that end than ET. Which is too bad, since ET and ST are both great abilities on their own.

The auto shield rebalancing on TT needs to go. It should not be in the game anywhere (maybe a 2-3m cooldown somewhere). It's too powerful of an ability. It should be replaced with an offensive component besides the skill pluses.

Then the system cooldown between the teams should also be removed. I don't see a good balance reason for it, and all it does is severely limit build and action choices.

If TT had the shield balancing component removed, escorts would become a lot more fragile without the Eng and Sci slots to selfheal like a crusier or sci could. Then we would get the high DPS/low survivability of escorts back, and cruisers would do better due to the old "can't DPS while dead" maxim being restored.

Sweeping changes to the game aren't needed, just a few tweaks to key abilities that everyone relies on.