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Originally Posted by rudiefix1 View Post
This is my newest build for an engineer in an escort.

Boy, Its Trekkie humor saying this build is not from this planet.

So durable, team heals and high dps.

I present to you the chimera vet reward engscort (or the klingon version). It is based on drunk's suggestion using 2x aux to battery....It may be even more powerfull with tacticans or scientists, but the engineer has a good option now.

[layout stuff cut]

Bind Ph1, AtoB, EptX, BO, CSV. With 2x AtoB, everything is reduced to global cooldown. You only need 1 copy of each ability. Its sick. Everything is always up. With EptS3, you have strong shields. TSS, HE you can use to heal your team. TT1 and ET1 are more to use on demand on yourself or teamie. Your EPS, Nadeon are to boost dps and resist. And miracle worker and BFI are your "oh crap, do I really have to use these" buttons.
I just wanted to say thanks for this build! I've been flying an Odyssey for a while, and got tired of the slow turn rate, so I figured I'd try my Chimera out. I wasn't really happy with it until I found this, and it is great! It also led me to finally use the spacebar bind, and basically the whole thing is just fantastic.

It's not quite as durable as my Ody, but it still manages to be pretty darn survivable. Plus, it's WAY more fun to fly around than the ol' boat. The nice thing about it, from my perspective, is that it's not as fast turning as regular escorts, but it's still a huge improvement (having flown cruisers or science ships basically my whole STO career, I know from experience that trying something like a Defiant is hard to do, what with the speed and lining up itty bitty firing arcs).

Edit: I should note that I PvP on the ground, so I use this build for PvE and can't tell you how it performs in real PvP. But it's still awesome!
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