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08-05-2009, 07:35 AM
Originally Posted by Cloaked_Warbird
But then we might be forced to endure 'Borg Thong' like Locutus wore in TNG after he was captured by the Enterprise. Not to mention being able to hear the thoughts (or lack there of) of chavs has been known to turn the most manly of men in to gibbering wrecks. The void that would be left in the consciousness of the Borg hive mind would be Lovecraftian in scope.
I visited the Job Centre today to wade through the chavs to get some Government Money I might as well soak up considering how all my working family members have paid tax to fun the chavs. I'm only reclaiming my "Trust Fund" from the government seen as everyone else gets a cut of my families tax money and not me. I won't claim any more when I get to University.

Point is, I had to wade through chavs, they grunt and grumble as a form of communication. One only knows what is going on in their head.