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11-26-2012, 10:16 AM
Originally Posted by rjcfoxtrot View Post
Probably not, but I'd hardly equate Everest to Star Trek Online.

Relax your play, be patient, employ discipline in how you spend your Dilithium. Stop stressing out about how much you have to spend to complete stuff.
As I said, the game is devoid of content other than stuff related to skill and item progression. So it's geared to a grind and plays of peoples psychology. Whether you accept that or not it is the reality.

I usually play what I can on the weekends and move on, but the reality for me is if I can't play during the week I won't be able to reach Tier 5 in personal reputation for over a year.

If you can an only queue 2800 points of skill per week... think how long it would take.

The truth is in order to get anywhere in any realistic time you must log in most days.