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Originally Posted by heresincebeta View Post
Just wondering: can someone that knows (please, no irresponsible speculation) post some ballpark numbers for observed DPS for various hangar bays?

It'd be nice to be able to compare them to weapon DPS for people trying to choose a ship, etc. Thanks!

When I tested this, quite some time ago, it was against a single player character.

I performed tests with the player moving, and stationary but not attacking and not bothering to heal/buff themselves. (In other words a completely un-realistic situation)

I'll not bore you with the details, here are some really rough numbers on the two best performers:

1) Top DPS went to Peregrines (approx 1500 DPS) while the target was moving. When the target was stationary they performed about the same as Danubes. I suspect this is due to their AI forcing them to chase a moving target vs. constantly (and unnecessarily) flying around in circles vs. stationary targets.

2) 2nd DPS against a moving Target went to Danubes generally (approx 1k DPS). Some of the other shuttles were close, but due to their Hull points and Tractor beams I gave them second place. They actually did similar damage to peregrines vs. stationary targets because they don't zip around deliriously (and have beam arrays instead of cannons).

Some things to consider:

Danubes have a lot more hull and are a lot more survivable, as well as tractor beams - they also have a significantly longer CD.

Peregrines are a much faster re-cast (CD), and even when they die their warp core breaches can do a considerable amount of added damage over time on something like an STF.

The above DPS numbers are based on completely unrealistic tests, the DPS might be higher or lower and the numbers I generated were really just to see where the pets sit vs. each other.

So for STFs/PvE I would generally recommend the following:

1) Raw DPS = 2x Peregrine Hangars
2) Best Control & Resilience = 2x Danube Hangars
3) Combination of DPS and Control = 1 Peregrine & 1 Danube Hangar

For PvP...

For PvP pets are largely a joke for DPS.

They are annoying spam and most players hate them (really hate them) - and you might well become the primary target when using Danubes.

For PvP you might want to consider something, relatively, innocuous like the Shield Repair Shuttles.

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