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Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
What? I thought doing an alpha on an overloaded target or a fail dilithium farmer was the mark of a great player?

I do love those thissler videos though. I've been there on both ends in my playtime.

I do miss the old FAW, only because it made decloaking so much more riskier when your hull could melt in a short while. 5 man FAW cruisers in an arena, and if you could get one kill on them it felt like the greatest thing in a PuG.

Or how about getting hit with a random beam while positioning for an alpha, forcing you to use a movement buff to get closer and taking an option for exit away?
Well, for afk`s and farmers, make them burn. Cryptic really needs to do somethig about that.

And yes Thissler actually has entertaining videos, heck im even in one

Old FAW was fun as long as it lasted... the new FAW is rather balanced.
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