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Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
Thought that was a D6, my bad.
I think I've read that somewhere in the STO Wiki too, but it's a wiki and everything there should be taken with a grai...strike that, a truckload of salt.
Whether it's a D4 or D6 doesn't really matter since it's supposed to be more advanced than the K't'inga and that's nonsense either way.

In any case, when you take closer look it's the exact same ship.

Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
A shame it's so weak, it's unusable end-game.
But shouldn't the skin be available on the Fleet K't'inga since it's a T3 battlecruiser, just like the Vor'kang skin is available in the Vor'cha Retro and the Fleet Vor'cha/Tor'kaht when you have it purchased?

Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
As for Cryptis using other games ships I'm sure defunct companys like interplay might sell their designs dirt cheap. But if Cryptic/CBS is insistent about using canon ships- we're skrewed.
HMM, that's a good question.
Would it be cheaper to buy them than to build new ships themselves?
If so why the heck has nobody ever done it?
Why for example does Star Fleet Command 3 not contain even a single Interplay ship from SFC2?

And thinking of it, Cryptic would still need to rebuild them.
The models from Klingon Academy for example are unusable outside the KA engine since they contain the damaged parts in the same model.
This creates severe clipping errors.
A few years back I tried to convert the Emperor from Klingon Academy for BotF (after extracting the KA.DAT with the extractor for Fallout 1, they use the same format), in the end I completely rebuilt the model since it was impossible to convert.

And it seems Interplay is not as defunct as one might think

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