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Cole : all hands defense pattern reman 10. Get the fleet in a defensive formation. We have to hold them here till reinforcements can arrive.

Romulan officer: yes sir.


Hampton gets the report of the iconians.

Hampton: damn. Commander ready the 112th tactical wing. And prepare for a jump right to Lancos II. We need to get there now. Time to see how prepared we really are.
*The Iconian Vessels start firing. The only ships that survive the initial hits from their antimatter beams are the Republic and Federation Ships. Sam looks on in horror as the fleet is decimated*

Sam: Oh my God. Allington to Republic, come in.

*The Republic is hit by a blast. On the ship, the bridge is heavily damaged, with support columns falling and fires out of control. The Evacuation Klaxon is sounding.*

Matt: MOVE! Get to the escape pods!

*The whole bridge crew, whether carried or not, get into the emergency turbolift as shuttles and escape pods begin launching. Matt takes the helm console and starts to hit a few controls. Before he can finish programming the collision course, another hit takes Auto-Pilot offline.*

Matt: Damn!

*Matt begins to take the ship in on manual, heading for the closest Iconian ship.*


Sam: Allington to Forrester. Matt, what the hell are you doing? Abandon ship!

Matt *over comm.*: Sorry Sam. No can do. If I'm going down, I'm taking them with me.

Sam: That's an order Commander! Matt? MATT!

*The Republic launches a fighter right before it collides with the Iconian Ship. The Republic doesn't even break through the shields. The Excalibur takes a direct hit before losing engines. Almost the entire fleet is either destroyed or disabled.*

*OOC: I'd get your ship(s) out of here. Don't pick up Sam or the fighter, you wouldn't be able to detect them.*

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