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11-26-2012, 11:20 AM
Originally Posted by rjcfoxtrot View Post
A realistic amount of time is subjective. For you, given your playing habits, you're not satisfied with the return on your time invested. Only way to fight that is to realize, as you are pointing out, that it's using the psychology of a player to get you to keep playing and fill up those buckets.

The reality that should be accepted is that we realize that it's a game and there isn't any value placed on any of the various buckets and they are just indicators of time spent, nothing else.
The problem is it's an entertainment product, the more they push "bucket-only" content at season release (read Omega Rep, Romulan Rep, Dilithium Dailies) the less entertaining the game will become. The past two weekends have shown me one thing, a lot of people have been turned off from playing, I'm one of them, if it wasn't for the rl money invested in game I doubt I'd be that bothered in even discussing this on the forum, it's sad to see a Star Trek game turn into nothing more than a 2nd job.