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Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
Y'see, that is kinda the thing though. Two words:

Tac buffs.

Let's be honest, those things have been the inadvertant cause of a lot of nerfs and troubles in PvP, because they buff things people didn't think about them buffing. Like the more recent problem with mega-strong TBRs ticking for thousands of damage through shields.

I'm not saying that the mines don't need a balance pass, I am just saying that it's just another problem brought up by a rather old issue. If it isn't tric mines now, it'll be something else later on.

Nothing against tacticals as a class, but this has happened before, and will probably happen again.

If you watched Pax's video he linked ( , you would also know its not just tacs that have the power to have very high crits from these trics. In the video, there are 2 sci ships using the tric mines. Against FIVE people. These two players were winning against the whole team on the other side. because they used tric mines. Say they did have support from the other players on their team. they wouldnt have died at all, or if there were 5 people all running trics, even if it was all sci's, the damage is davastating.

Nerf the damage % per mine for each additional mine dispersed...
-15% each for 2, -25% each for 3, -35% each for 4 mines.

At least that way you wouldnt have to worry about a whole team being wiped out from a single players tric mine blasts. while still keeping them very powerful

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