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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • Updated the audio and FX for Species M-113.
  • Added audio to EV Suit Tholian attacks.
  • Updated Azure Nebula so two rescue ships will no longer spawn in the same location.
  • Updated the visual appearance of all of the Breen ships.
  • New Romulus Updates:
    • The timer should now reliably start after tagging the first epohh.
    • Updated the visual appearance of the trees and rocks on New Romulus.
    • Exiting the Mountain Pass will no longer cause the player to be laying down upon spawn in.
    • Updated the voice over audio for the New Romulus content.
    • Staging Area event mission updated to increase bug population and make it easier to complete.
    • Added audio to New Romulus interacts.
  • Tholian Red Alert: Moved the Spawn in Location back away from the Tholian encounters so that there is a less of a chance that players will get spawncamped by the Tholian Dreadnaughts.
    • It is still possible, but hopefully less likely.
  • When on the Logs tab of the Journal the tabs should no longer shake back and forth.

  • Added four new Fleet ships to the Fleet ship vendors, two for Federation and two for KDF.
    • All of these ships are for level 50 (VA/LG) characters.
    • Fleet Assault Cruiser
      • Costs 20,000 Fleet Credits, 4 fleet ship modules, and 1 military requisition.
        • Only 1 fleet ship module if you have purchased the Sovereign refit.
      • Requires Shipyard tier 5.
    • Fleet Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit
      • Costs 20,000 FC + 5 fleet modules + 1 military requisition.
        • 1 fleet ship module if you have purchased an Excelsior.
      • Requires Shipyard tier 3.
    • Fleet B'rel Bird-of-Prey
      • Costs 20,000 FC + 5 fleet modules + 1 military requisition.
        • 1 fleet module if you have purchased the B'rel refit.
      • Requires shipyard tier 5.
    • Varanus fleet support vessel
      • Cost 20,000 FC + 4 fleet modules + 1 military requisition.
        • 1 fleet module if you have purchased a Varanus.
      • Requires shipyard tier 3.
  • The buttons to interact with consoles in the KDF Embassy are now more informative.
    • They no longer just say "Interact".
  • Fleet Buff Stores now use the proper Provisions.

  • Added the Wells, Mobius, Aeon, Krenn, Korath, and Rhozenko to the Foundry.
    • They should all be selectable as costumes along with all of their interchangable materials/parts.
  • NPCs should no longer despawn when the player is not nearby.
  • Using Duplicate Map should no longer create imperfect duplicates.
    • Previously there were sometimes too many spawn points or too many of other icons.
  • New Romulus has been added to the Foundry for hookup as a Cryptic map.
    • Authors can place Interact and Talk to Contact objectives on New Romulus.
    • New Romulus has several "doors" to hook up content to in the Leave From menu for map transfers.
  • It's now possible to set patrol paths for your NPCs in Foundry missions.
    • The patrol behavior will not work in Preview mode, but will work after the mission has been published.

  • Fixed various text and formatting errors with descriptions on Romulan Reputation projects.
  • Reputation XP projects now reward a small amount of Dilithium upon completion .
    • 340 for the 2000 XP projects
    • 140 for the 800 XP projects
    • The addition of this reward means that players must now click the "Claim Reward" button when the project timer is complete.
  • Reputation Projects:
    • All Tier-Up projects have had their durations reduced from 1 hour to 15 minutes.
    • All Tier-Up projects have had their Dilithium costs completely removed.
  • Significantly lowered the cost of the items in the Omega reputation consumable store.
  • Removed Tier requirements from the Omega Conversion Crates.
    • These can now be opened without restriction.
  • Removed Tier requirements on Mark-to-Dilithium conversion projects.
    • These projects can now be slotted immediately upon reaching level 50 and unlocking the Reputation system.
  • Reduced duration on T3-T5 Reputation XP projects from 40 hours to 20 hours.
    • This matches T1 and T2 project durations.

  • Vesta ships now get a recharge reduction on launching Hangar Pets from Auxiliary Power.
  • Added Tau Dewa Sector Block to T5 Excelsior Retrofit.
  • Added Tau Dewa Sector Block to Dilithium store Transwarp Consumable.
  • Renamed Varanus Fleet Support Vessel to Varanus Support Vessel.
  • The Omega Torpedo Launcher can no longer fire multiple High Yield torpedoes in quick succession.
  • Fixed a description error in Elite Scorpion Fighter Carrier pets.
  • Variable Geometry Detonators consoles will now properly increase Mine damage.
  • The Kinetic Cutting beam is no longer incorrectly referred to as a turret.
  • Updated the description for Romulan Plasma weapons.
  • Romulan Plasma High Density Beam Rifles now correctly display "Plasma" in their names.
  • Fleet Romulan Bird-of-Prey Reinforcements no longer say they summon Starfleet Cruisers.
  • Romulan and Reman Security Team items now list their duration in the item description.
  • Romulan and Reman Security teams will no longer beam out early if they do not engage in combat.
  • Hyperonic Radiation now has cleaner tooltips and functions more reliably.
  • Reduced Vesta Quantum Field Focus Phaser bonus from Particle Generators.
    • Quantum Field Focus Phaser now receives the same total level of bonus from Particle Generators as all weapons receive from Weapons Training and Energy Weapons Training Skill - including comparable lance weapons.
    • Slightly increased base damage of Quantum Field Focus Phaser.
  • Vesta Quantum Field Focus Phaser and Aux Cannon can no longer be brought down when weapons go offline.
    • These weapons will still go down when Auxiliary does offline.