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Dev'Ron: the iconians have returned.
*Two hours later. Sam continues to drift further and further from the Gateway. Her life support is failing.*

Sam: This is... Captain Samantha Allington of the Republic of United Systems. Can anybody hear me?


Repeat, this is Captain Samantha Allington of the Republic of United Star Systems. Is anybody out there?



Matt *Over comm., heavily distorted.*: Sam?

Sam: Matt?!

Matt *Over comm., heavily distorted.*: Oh god! Am I glad to hear your voice!

Sam: I thought you were dead! I saw the Republic explode!

Matt *Over comm., heavily distorted.*: Long story short, someone beamed me into a Falcon before the Republic hit. Hold on, I'll come pick you up.

*In Matt's fighter. He attempts to fire his Impulse Engines resulting in a computer alert coming up on his HUD.*

Aw, crap.

*Back to Sam.*

Sam: What is it?

Matt *Over comm., heavily distorted.*: My impulse reactor's gone. I've got emergency thrusters, but there's not enough deuterium in them to reach you.

Sam: Not to sound ungrateful Matt, but, I have 50 minutes of life support left.

Matt *Over comm., heavily distorted.*: Figures. I've got about the same. On emergency power and there's a micro-fracture in the cockpit. I'm venting atmosphere faster than the system can handle.

Sam: At least... at least we'll die together.

Forest *Over comm., heavily distorted.*: Alling...? Is that...? This is...For...U.S.S...calibur.

Sam: Forest? Allington to Excalibur?

Forest *Over comm.*: Captain? We've locked onto your signal. Stand-by, we'll come pick you up.

Sam: What happened?

Forest *Over comm.*: We took a direct hit to our starboard power conduit and couldn't reroute. We lost Impulse Engines so I took the ship into the debris field on thrusters and killed all power. Looks like the magnetic interference from the debris saved us. We followed the Iconians from a safe distance, but they've split up.

Sam: Where?

Forest: One ship's heading to Iconia, another towards Romulus, one towards Qonos', and the last one... It's heading straight for Vulcan.

Sam: What about survivors from the fleet?

Forest *Over comm.*: Well... it looks like 14 ships are unaccounted for. Cole must have taken them out of the battle.

We've taken on as many survivors as we can, and our life support's strained now.

Matt *Over comm.*: Er... no offence, but can I get a hand here?

Forest *Over comm.*: Copy that, Commander. I've got a Runabout en route to reel you in.

*After half an hour, Sam's beamed into the Excalibur's Medical Bay and helped out of the EV suit. Matt walks in with a cut on his forehead with Captain Forest.*

Matt: How are you feeling?

Sam: A little dizzy. Maybe a little nauseas. How many of the crew survived?

Matt: 50. Everyone on the bridge made it out okay.

Sam: Who else?

Matt: You won't like it.

Sam: Matt.

Matt: Tara got out as well.

Sam: Good. Thanks for the rescue, Captain.

Forest: Anytime. We're about to Fold-jump to Earth.

Sam: Earth? No, we need to go to DS61 and report in.

Forest: With respect, Captain, until I'm relieved of duty by Starfleet for disobeying orders, this is still my ship. And, we're heading to Earth.

*The Excalibur fold-jumps and arrives at Earth seconds later.*

Starfleet Captain *Over Comm.*: U.S.S. Excalibur, cut your engines and prepare to be boarded.
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