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11-26-2012, 11:59 AM
Tricobalt mines are fine the way they are, only DpB/DpA need to be fixed to work with them in a fair fashion.
Minitruckin suggested the best fix so far, make the damage of DpB/DpA become dived among teh number of mines so as more mines are produced the damge is lower per mine. Fix the Crit issue and the grief over DpB goes away.

They sure do have to be timed though or they miss entirely as your foe flies by them during thier prep phase. Of course one could use EWP, TB, VTR, GW, TyR or a whole slew of abilities to solve that issue and hold the foe while it preps.
Does this mean EWP, TB, VTR, GW and TyR are OP as well becuase someone learned how to use them with a weapon?

Frankly you seem to be so busy trying to convince everyone how evil tricobalts mines are that I believe you are overlooking the simple fix that has been offered many times and would solve the issue.[/quote]

Perhaps the same way torp spread/torp HY speads the damage over torps deployed but would this not nerf all other mine types?