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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
and a lot of those Diehards are starting to leave for a better experience, even if its not Klingon themed.
That's actually quite true, as like it or not, STO has COMPETITION now from very decent F2P titles.

First there's Star Wars The Old Republic, even despite the insane restrictions that it puts on F2P toons, I've had a lot of fun and actually been rewarded for exploring the lush environments that are offered in that game, two unique and distinct factions that feel different to one another, been to social areas that have been fun to kick around at, oh and best of all, been REWARDED for PVP! If I'm honest, I prefer the PvP more in STO however Cryptic can't see a golden opportunity in front of them if it came up and slapped them in the face. Lots of cons that kill that game though, mainly EA's greed.

Second on list is Mechwarrior Online which I believe the majority of the PvP crowd are now leaving to go play. A lot of fun, devs seem to have a decent reputation with the community (Cryptic devs have near zero respect with KDF and PvP players, that's still a significant chunk of players that gives Cryptic a bad rep) Plus lots of content appears to be coming that people are asking for.

Third is Star Citizen, which is a Sci-Fi Space Sim which will feature a MMO like persistent universe functionality being developed by Chris Roberts; which although is funded by kickstarter and is at least two years away, has the potential to literally blow most MMO's especially space sci-fi ones to dust if it delivers the freedom of choice and sandbox experience it promises.

Those are the three major contenders I can personally think of. It's just something I felt worth mentioning; mainly that there is significant competition.

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