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11-26-2012, 12:15 PM
There are ways of intentionally DCing w/o using logout/change character options.

Also, generally speaking w/networked games there's usually ways to cause delays for everyone in the match. Idk, cryptic's methods for dealing w/this, but wouldn't assume you couldn't be DC'd via desync by another player.

My experience w/STO is while generally DCs aren't common when they happen, they happen in bunches and wouldn't want people to be punished b/c of Cryptic's failing.

Also, depending on where the players are phsyically located relative to Cryptic there may be enough of a latancy differential between players where a desync happens and people are lagged out.

It would be better just to have a timer that leaves DC'd/logged out players in a match for a set time, eg 15-60 seconds, so there's an opportunity to kill them.