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ESL he's making a pun about your grammar and literacy being so poor it hurts to read your post....
And agreed AFK farming Dil farming and lowbies in fleet events should be dealt with severely its a cancer in our game. As far as the lowbies go lock them into level brackets as with the mirro events.
well there is a reason for my spelling its called a learning disabilitie yall may want to look it up could be your future kids grandkids so you want to make fun go right a head but keep in mind it could be your kids/grandkids one day

i will add to talk to me face to face on vent you would not even think im the one typeing this

and if i found the right one this is what i have
swimwear off risa not fixed
system Lord Baal is dead
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This! Their ability to outdo their own failures is quite impressive. If only this power could be harnessed for good.

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