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Originally Posted by takeshi6 View Post

That's sort of what I was planning on, though I was going to make her (and yes, I did make the character female) a Commander, mirroring James' British Navy Rank.

Also, I decided to give her the name June Bond, or simply June. And story-wise, she's going to be just as promiscuous as James, albeit slightly moreso, especially since she's Bisexual.
How about Juno Bond, or Jaime Bond instead? A little less WWII, perhaps As for character sexuality, I'm sure Bond has had to 'take one for the team' in the course of his duties (Rupert Everett wanted to do a gay Bond about 15 years ago, it just never panned out... )

One thing to consider with regards the rank, is that going back historically with the British Navy ranks, a Lieutenant Commander was originally a Senior Lieutenant, who would be given command of a vessel (often returning a captured vessel to port) effectively a commander who was a lieutenant, and would be addressed as Captain, while on the deck of their ship

Are you going to base your character's description on Fleming's written descriptions of Bond,with the necessary feminizations?