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11-26-2012, 01:06 PM
I wouldn't bother with the Mk X ground sets. The Mk XI are great stand ins until you can get the Mk XII and as a bonus they a) unlock costumes (or did, now you have an additional step or two) and b) can be passed to your BOFFs for a net increase in effectiveness.

The Mk X on the other hand do not help with unlocking a new costume and are so weak that if you try to do an ESTF with them you'll probably spend more time face down on the ground than you will shooting. It's easy enough to find good quality gear through replays so you really don't have any reason to be running around with the full Mk X sets if you're not going to be using them in NSTFs.

That's just the armor and shields though. The guns are equivalent to a mark up from their listed value so if you don't mind running the projects grabbing a Mk X Omega Force auto-carbine isn't a bad investment, nor is a Mk X Honor Guard Pulsewave/MACO Battle Rifle.

On the Space sets...If you know you're going to want one it might be better to wait and get the Mk XI version and then build for the Mk XII, if you don't know if you're going to want it but think you might try it out with the Mk X version. Those would be my recommendations anyway.

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