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Hampton soon arrives at Vulcan **** with 250 ships.

Hampton: all ships don't hesitate to fire as soon as you see the ship open fire.
*The Iconian ship appears 200 km outside the fleet's weapons range. It's Main Antimatter Beam begins to power up, before firing and taking out half the fleet before it can react.*

OOC: Remember, five of these ships mopped the floor with 758 ships in what was a very short battle.

You ain't got a prayer! *Evil Grin*

*On ESD, Captain Allington and the Fleet survivors watch the battle. Several transports begin evacuating Vulcan.*

*At the Battle, the ship begins to overwhelm the Federation defenders. Several additional starships warp in. 5 Defiants which were reactivated due to the emergency. A Galaxy Class - U.S.S. Venture - warps in near the planet to aid in the evacuation. The Defiants strafe the battleship, doing no damage to the shield. The Battleship's secondary beams tear through them like a hot knife through butter.*
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