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11-26-2012, 02:30 PM
I switched to beam arrays. i did ok with the DHCs, especially when i lowered a few video settings, but i found myself dogfighting and relying on the turrets to do the dirty work.

switched to DBB x2 and the 180 torp for 3 beam arrays aft. MUCH better!

DBB x2, 180 torp,
aegis set
3x beam arrays
weaps batt aux batt sat beam weapon
the 3 vesta consoles, the borg console armor as required
part gen, field gen
3x phaser relay

tt1 BOL2 HYT3
tt1 TS2
EPTS1 aux2sif2
HE1tss2 gw1 gw2

this build can really use another TSS or ST, but i don't want to lose the Polarize hull

I'm not using the phaser cannon thing much, it's too much like the phaser lance on the dread, and i have not gone up against the big slow target to use it yet.

I'm thinking AP or one of the hybrids would be very useful here.