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11-26-2012, 01:47 PM
I am by all definitions a casual player. I only get to play for a few hours on Tuesdays and maybe 6-8 total hours a weekend (after kids go to bed). I don't get the gripe. I buy maybe $40 of Zen every 3 months ( sometimes I don't buy any) I flew a lot o STF's turned in all my loot save 1 salvage for dilithium. Im still auto refining. But this being said I'm not a player to chase the newest ships.

My Engineer VA flies a Excelsior. Sure I could of chased any other countless newer ships trying to get bigger and badder.. but at what cost? My Engineer in an Excelsior can pump out about 5700 DPS in Infected Elite.. Thats good enough for me. In the free Assault Cruiser I can still break over 5k Dps. As for weapons One can generally find Polarized Disruptors, Phased Tetryons or Fleet weapons for a fraction of the cost of Purple M XII's on exchange.

I don't own a vesta.. yet... But as I slowly convert Dilithium to Zen I'm getting close I'm at 2800 dilitihum... probably when I get within 1000 Dilithium of bundle I'll buy it... The only thing I lack from my game play style is lobi. What I do and how I play doesn't really give me lobi... I could trade Dilithum for zen and buy keys.. but generally if I do that I find better value in the EC market and just sell the keys.
So If Im not grinding and farming for bigger badder weapons, what do I do in Game? I fly around and have fun. I run newbies in fleet through Ground STF's I'm doing Romulan content..... Ssshh I play the foundry ( don't tell anyone, there is really cool missions in there).. Overpriced and expensive is a perspective built on your play style.