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Originally Posted by grievas View Post
Cryptic needs to be careful now in tweaking things and not to oblige to every single player demand, as players have yet only a short term perspective and tend to overreact.

Omega marks are really relatively easy to get, so what if you can't fill the requirements for an equipment/weapon project in one session of playing 3 hours on 3 or more toons. People want everything NOW. This is not the way it works anymore. If you need to work longer to grind the 500 marks or more for a set item, use the time to slot projects for xp advancement and work on the needed amount during the cooldown.

Also the reduction in Project cooldowns is to be made carefully, because remember, with long cooldown you also have a lot of time to grind the resources for the next project.
What is your secret on getting Omega marks easy hmm?I agree to take your time and wanting everything Now but I did have 50 EDC and 40 rare borg salavages.

It is going to take me week or 2 to get that 250.
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