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I was just as frustrated with my lack of options at Level 30. There were in my opinion only 2 ships that fit my play style; the Pach Raptor and the Scourge Destroyer... and I chose to go with the Scourge. Now, getting close to Level 40, I'm noticing that there really is nothing really available as a comparable upgrade from that Destroy, other then going back to the only Raptor available at Level 40... and that, is likely going to end up being my last Klingon ship for a very long time considering ya don't get another 'freebie' ship at Level 50 and I likely won't be able to but any more C-Store ships for along while yet...

I would love to see a D5 or D6 variant added at some point...
The Pach is a great ship, i flew it deep into lvl 50 range and did STF's in it with aegis gear until the pre S7 gear rush. The Pach didn't kill fast enough for edc farming in the 3 weeks leading up to S7 launch, so upgraded to the Qin. I REALLY hope for a Fleet Pach someday !
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