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Hey all.

It's pretty common knowledge that the three professions are hardly balanced. Tactical is waaaaay OP. Balance is really needed so that Engineering and Science are no longer treated like the red-headed step-children.

How to do it? Well, I believe that nerfing Tactical is NOT the way to do it. Tactical needs to hit harder with its weapons than anyone else. To take this away will ruin Tactical.

How to do it, then?

I'm thinking that each ship type should provide a bonus to skills of the same type. More plainly said, science powers should be buffed when fired from a science ship and engineering powers should be buffed when fired from a cruiser. These buffs should be in addition to any consoles and player stats.

In addition, a science captain on a science ship should get buffs, as should engineer captains on cruisers.


Well, I think it makes sense that a science ship would have more science equipment on it. Equipment that could be leveraged to activate those science abilities. It also follows that a science captain could leverage more from his ship than a Tactical or Engineer could. Also, the buffs should not be simple +X% to damage. Yes, some should, but not all of them. Some examples include...

Boarding party - Plus one shuttle with used on a cruiser or carrier. (Cruisers and carriers should have more hangar space.) Plus one more shuttle if captain is an engineer.

Energy Siphon - Extra duration if activated from a science ship. Extra drain if activated by a science captain.

All of these wonderful ideas sound nice and exciting for engineers and science. What about tactical? What would they get? I don't think they really should get more for the time being. Tactical is all about damage. They already have access to cannons (DC and DHC) and their abilities can buff non-tactical abilities. Remember, this idea is about bringing engineers and science up to tactical's level. (Just in case anyone thinks I'm bashing Tactical, two of my 4 toons are Tactical. One of them is my main.)

Constructive feedback anyone?