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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
Not here to help others fixing their broken egos. I'm having fun and that's enough, if you like to think you're better than be, that's fine, but trust me I don't care. I was just sharing a significant part of my build to make fun of people holding it like a little secret no one cares about. Oh, there's one element I didn't share but if you meet me in game you'll see which one it is. I think it's a bit broken for pvp (it's been designed for pve only) but it's also extrelemy interesting to see clueless players facing an unusual effect on their ship! I imagine their "wtf" faces and it makes my day.

I know some broken mechanics too and even if I use them i'm not trying to impress anyone. It's just extremely funny to leave escorts unable to play because their players are ofthen the most aggressive. Even if many of them are mature enough to accept that kind of gameplay, I have yet to be insulted by someone playing a support role - a role I enjoy playing myself. On the other hand, harrassing an escort can very well end up with a good load of insults. That's just my very own experience though.

Considering that I'm playing a support role and have no ego to defend in game or on the forums, I will decline. I would need a couple of teammates to take another good player down, because dps isn't my job.

Sometimes my team wins a match, sometimes we loose, and I need nothing more.
I don't think you get it. Your build is no secret. Anyone can do it and every experienced player knows about exploitative builds such as the one you posted. But most experienced pvp'ers choose not to use them. They choose not to use them because it ruins the fun for everyone else in the match. Apparently you have no respect for your fellow pvp'ers and only care about satisfying your own desires. The words "fair play" fall on deaf ears as proven by your posts.

I had a friend a week ago that I have PvP'ed with a lot tell me about his new siphon drone power drain build. I told him I would not be teaming with him any more if he used siphon drones as I feel they give an unfair advantage to the user. I know others we team with feel the same way about certain abilities/consoles/exploits and may have told him the same thing. Anyway, a couple days later he told me he had switched to frigates instead of siphon drones. While it's not fun to have such builds used against you, it's also not fun to be ostracized by the community or your friends for using such builds.