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11-26-2012, 03:28 PM
Originally Posted by hippiejon View Post
Seriously crappy piece of artwork gets made into a wallpaper because it's full of fanservice and boobs.

No really, it's just bad artwork.

Doesn't "look" vulcan at all. Looks like someone traced an Elf from some fantasy site.
Is that running ? or Is that falling ?
If it is running, then why is her hair blowing in the same direction she is running , and not behind her ?
Oh , and of course, the whole she doesn't look where she fires thing.

Seriously, it's a terrible piece of art. And you guys seem determined that it is our new frontpage for the forever time.

Please PLEASE !!!!
Consider putting many different images on rotation for the Front Page.

Leave the Boobie Elf there for all the man children who want it, but rotate it with images that are more ... TREK in feel. Starships !! Other races that aren't pretty (tellerites, Bolians) ... something to show the KDF.

Seriously, This piece of "art", (T'Boobs) is just seriously BAD artwork.
Sexist or no. The art just sucks.
Coulda swore hippies were all for sex anywhere, anytime, and with multiple people.

I like the picture.