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11-26-2012, 03:35 PM
Ok, so based on y'alls suggestions and my own inclinations, I have changed a few things around. I switched EPTS3 to ES2, switched Aux2SIF1 to RSP1, and switched ET1 to EPTS1.

I kept the sci and tac the same. While I can see your point Praxis about using TSS3 over ST3, I think I'm going to use a couple ST cooldown doffs so it may be worth keeping ST3.

Here's the edited build:

So do y'all agree with these changes? Should I change something else? And which other 3 doffs should I be using? While the Transfer Shields doffs look nice, they are a bit out of my price range on the KDF side.

And atm, I'm using 2 shield emitters and 2 field generators. I'll bump that up to the 3 emitters and if I still fair well as far as survivability I'll go up to 4 emitters. Question: do shield emitter consoles boost shield repair drones?

Eng. Consoles: 2 SIF generators, 1 neutronium, and the one that gives 30% resistance to tetryon, phaser, disruptor and plasma (forgot its name)

Tac Consoles: 2 disruptor consoles

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