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Originally Posted by therealfluffy View Post
How do you know this isn't a 4-year old child being allowed to play for a while on his parent's or older siblings account?

How do you know this isn't a person with a mental or physical handicap, unable to grasp or perform all the tasks of the game?

Should they be disallowed access to the game because they can't perform as well as you and me?
to do the exact same thing 3 straight times takes at least some thinking. you come in, run around and aggro stuff to kill us, then AFK at the same time during each run. Plus there is also some thinking involved in opening the que and choosing the same instance 3 times. I am pretty sure this person knows what they are doing. This isn't someone who is just running into walls and petting their tribble while we battle it out. This is someone who knows to run into a room, fire their weapon, then run back toward and past us while he is pursued. No, I did not give all this detail in my original post. I didn't think I would be on here splitting hairs with anyone.

To answer some other posts, as I said before, i doubt the kick button would be abused much. There will be a time or two, but for the most part I am sure most of us will use it correctly. In the big, giant MMO I used to play, it was left to a majority vote. At least 3 people had to approve the vote for it to pass. In the time that I played with the kick feature in place, not once did I ever see it misused.

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