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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
theres always the EC option, but regardless someone payed ZEN for it
True, someone payed ZEN for the modules. But I don't see your point. If nobody would spend ZEN the game would die.
In the end we have the option to buy the ship for 2500 ZEN or something about 25mil EC (or combine both options). We can also get ZEN via dilithium pretty cheap at the moment.

While 2500 ZEN seems a bit much, they kind of had to make it a bit more expensive than the normal version. Let's assume they sold the new b'rel for 4 modules and 1 if you have the old one. Now that would mean the fleet version (yes only a single unlock) costs the same as the normal one. So anybody who got the b'rel already might feel cheated, because he got the inferior product for the same price. And he still has to pay to get an upgrade.
Now with 5 modules, buying a normal b'rel and a fleet version costs the same as only a fleet version. So everyone who already got one will be happy.

Also the EC price is about 25mil. Now that is still way cheaper than a lockbox ship, which also is a single char unlock. Further it is cheaper than a DHC MK XII [acc]x3

Cryptics ship pricing is pretty high in general. But with the system they are using so far that price seems the only logical conclusion. And thanks to people who are offering ZEN stuff in the exchange or are selling ZEN via dilithium we can still get everything without paying anything.

But I am sad that there is no guramba