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11-26-2012, 04:29 PM
Originally Posted by stevehale View Post
I don't know what kind of effort or tech it would require to make happen, but you'd think that they could find a way to keep a player on the server for a short time after logging. Being unable to log during combat, or establishing a short count down rather than having an instantaneous log out.
I don't think the countdown actually works, cause you could just start 2 clients, kill the one your playing on and log on with another and still have the same "feature" like now kinda, totally without using the logout button.

Keeping the character in game is the real solution there, regardless if its a real logout or a lost connection/killed client the toon should just stay there 15 seconds longer at least - but only if it was in-combat, that way out of combat reloging could remain as quick as it is now and the normal player that just wants to switch toons wouldn't get penalized.

It should also block attempts to log that toon back on within those 15 seconds - because logging back in makes the toon respawn at a different spot so keeping someone in game 15s would solve nothing if it could still be abused to "teleport" away if logging back in right away. So relogging some in-combat toon should give some error message like "this toon is still in combat, please wait 15s" while keeping it there those time.

The feature to spawn at a spawn spot upon relogging should remain as it is however as that is very useful in a lot of stuck in geometry situations while the /stuck command in this game is mostly trash to fix those issues.
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