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11-26-2012, 05:41 PM
Got in today, huge cluster F@$# with being attacked by the named ship and about 20 unnamed ships as soon as I got in the map. Since I was traveling in sector at the time I had the Borg Engines on, so I had to keep them most of the run (which meant I had no set thanks to all mis-matched parts). Constant weapon disables and webs, so I had to hit the Vesta's shield bubble and run to the edge to get anywhere, then, once I was free of the starting webs, focus down one to three orb weavers at a time.

Oh, and I encountered a total kill web that locks you in place and grays out all your abilities and consoles, not sure if it disables weapons but those were offline too, while the Tholians just pound you. I could only sit there and watch as my hull melted. I think it's a named ship ability.

Somehow we still managed to kill the main group and mop up the other groups before the timer ran out.