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yes i know that part and ty capt. but the day after it came out there was a patch and she stoped regening my crew. do you mean to tell me she regens your crew? i dont see mine in combat going back up. when it did work for me i loved this doff. maybe its not insta regen anymore and just regens slowly? ill have to look. but it used to be the regen was so fast that in 2 secs i was at 75% crew with a blue.
I think I originally got the idea from you a long while back Broken, so I do owe you my thanks.

I've noticed that the DOff has been buggy lately too, it started about the same time a few weeks ago when I just straight up couldn't equip my blue onto Active Space. Like... the DOff was there, and it was definitely (?) the space nurse, but she just would not budge. My first guess is that they've accidentally flagged it the wrong way around with one of the latest stealth patches, so the regen procs outside of combat rather than inside.

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