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Originally Posted by orondis View Post
Here are the reasons nicely laid out:-
1. Science shields - A decent science ship captin can tank really quite effectively with his small hull thanks to his huge shields (and two piece borg set if he feels so inclined).

2. Hangers - In and of itself hangers are fine, it's the pets. Peregrines etc add a small amount of extra DPS, so while annoying in PvP they aren't game breaking. Danubes on the otherhand offer the Vesta very useful crowd control tools. This isn't just a problem with the Vesta, it's also a problem with the Armitage, which is why I refuse to use them on mine.

3. Can equip dual heavy cannons - This is probably the biggest problem with the ship. It's got enough going for it that it's already an OP sci ship, the addition of dual heavy cannons however pushes it into super overpowered status. It's not like the Galaxy-x which has a poor turnrate, the vesta can turn quite quickly AND has awesome CC tools.

4. Science powers - You've given this ship nigh escort level of damage, the ability to use danubes as well as the ability to chain Viral Matrix 1&3. I can't be the only one who sees the problem with this.

Or the player could use a shield strip build, a power drain build or scramble build. Now for a normal science ship none of these would be a serious problem, but when you've got the games wizard casting spells AND swinging the games two handed mighty broadsword at the same time you've got problems.

5. Sensor Analysis - 3 dual heavy cannons and 3 turrets is already pretty damaging by itself. With sensor analysis though it'd boost that damage beyond that of an escorts.

I'm not even bringing the console powers into this one, since it's plenty overpowered without them.

So to put it simply...

Uber CC (danubes and VM) + Dual heavy cannons + sensor analysis damage buff + science tanking + turnrate = Overpowered ship that makes the bug ship look reasonable.

A 1v1 between a vesta and an escort will go something like this.
*Ships get within 10km of one another and both start firing dual heavy cannons.
*Vesta uses FBP1 adding extra damage to his attack.
*Escort has to stop shooting and decides to evade using attack pattern omega 3.
*Vesta casts VM3 on the escort.
*Vesta gets within 1km and launches Danubes.
*Escort captain begins to panic as his shields are getting pummled by increasingly more powerful dual heavy cannons and he can't move an inch.
*Finally the danube tractors turn off or the captain uses another attack pattern omega and the escort is free.
*Escort gets hit by VM1
*Escort shields are breached and the ship is quickly destroyed.
*Vesta wins without even breaking a sweat.
so I'm interpreting this post as: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i can't two shot the ship with my escort WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

so other than the shields how is this ship any different than a klink carrier?