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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
That scene was groan-inducing when it originally aired. Those of us who are not teenage boys saw it for what it was -- a shameless, plot-bending attempt to bring sex into Star Trek -- to "appeal" to a new demographic.

And even if you approve of that scene, T'Pol is NOT in combat, and not in uniform. She is in her underwear. And she never showed the kind of cleavage shown in this wallpaper while on duty.

Disrespectful on many levels.

Which is sad, because for any other IP, this artwork is beautiful and amazing.

But as I wrote in another thread, inappropriate for any officer in the line of duty. Would it really have been that hard to release a version with her uniform closed? It's bad enough that she's depicted as a E cup. Must you show so much skin as well?

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