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Originally Posted by marcusdkane View Post
How about Juno Bond, or Jaime Bond instead? A little less WWII, perhaps As for character sexuality, I'm sure Bond has had to 'take one for the team' in the course of his duties (Rupert Everett wanted to do a gay Bond about 15 years ago, it just never panned out... )

One thing to consider with regards the rank, is that going back historically with the British Navy ranks, a Lieutenant Commander was originally a Senior Lieutenant, who would be given command of a vessel (often returning a captured vessel to port) effectively a commander who was a lieutenant, and would be addressed as Captain, while on the deck of their ship

Are you going to base your character's description on Fleming's written descriptions of Bond,with the necessary feminizations?
Juno could work, and based on your info, Lieutenant Commander could work.

As for my character's description, I was actually going to base her looks more on a female Pierce Brosnan--he was my Favorite Bond from the Films.
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