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11-26-2012, 06:03 PM
Interesting... After a little bit more experimentation, both the kinetic beam and the deflector phaser count up the damage buff(self) and power buffs the longer they fire on a given target. Jumps of about 3% every few seconds for both types of buffs. They use the same stack counter, which means if that if you keep the cutting beam on the target (easy given that it's 360 degrees) prior to firing the Quantum Field Focus Phaser it boosts the output! Great for taking down gates. Though, I'm wondering if it's supposed to use the same counter or if it's a bug. The stack counter is fairly forgiving too, as I was able to send out quick heals without breaking it.

Edit: The max stack seems to be 33%, and firing the deflector phaser doesn't seem to double the effects of the buff, so not really anything OP in the combo.

andoriansrus: It is kinetic in type. It doesn't stack debuffs on the target like Disruptors, it stacks buffs on yourself instead.

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