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11-26-2012, 06:06 PM
Originally Posted by stevehale View Post
I don't know what kind of effort or tech it would require to make happen, but you'd think that they could find a way to keep a player on the server for a short time after logging. Being unable to log during combat, or establishing a short count down rather than having an instantaneous log out.

There has to be some way to disincentivize this kind of behavior.
Of course there's a way, they just don't want to put the resources into doing it. We've come up with plenty of good solutions that would work and be better than what they have in place, but they continue to let it go on.

1. If you logout, you're done with the match
2. Can't logout while in combat
3. Stay logged in for ~15 secs if your in combat and you log or dc so people can finish killing you
4. Logout starts a one hour cd on queues the same as it does for STF queues
5. Can't log back into that toon until the match is over.
6. Logouts open up an option for team mates to votekick

There's a half dozen ways right off the top of my head that is better than what they have now. There argument that some of them are exploitable makes me lmao. Compared to what? The queues that are filled with afk gold farmers and people logging off instead of playing with honor.