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Trek has had many many characters over the years and some have hit the mark others have really missed. Even aseries like Voyager that all in all wasnt too popular had some great supporting characters but even TNG and TOS had there annoying characters. Here are my picks:

T'pol is in my opinion the worst portrayed regular on any of the shows. Shure the actress who played her was attractive and apparently a Trek fan, but she needed acting lessons not to mention voice lessons. She is basically a low rent 7 of nine and Seven of nine was a really stiff difficult character to appreciate unless you are a 16 year old boy.... Just a weak performance overall.

My second choice will polarize people but it would be Worf. I dont blame Mr. Dorn its the writers he is a stiff one dimensional character who is also a deadbeat dad and an all around grumpy misfit. I dont know how he managed to get invited to all those poker games when in real life everyone would have just gossiped about him behind his back. I also hate thate almost every sci fi type show has a "Worf" a dead serious honor bound warrior type... Such an overused character that it almost makes Neelix refreshing.

Runners up: 70f9, Janeway, Chacotay

Third is a likeable well portrayed character who is quite fine its just hes kinda a sad loser. Geordi Laforge, well portrayed, charismatic preformance but he's a blind guy who cant get a date, only has relationships with holograms and his best friend is a robot. Its like they wrote the character to make fun of nerds (and hopefully not the disabled) in a passive aggressive way. Oh and they gave him way to many technobabble lines poor Levar..

So those are my loosely chosen 3 although Laforge is more of an observation than a choice. What are yours?
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