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Task Force Argo (previously known as Sector Command) is a casual medium-to-heavy RP fleet that's been active for many years currently looking to bolster its numbers with creative minds!

Fun and respect is our OOC directive, with casual playtimes and a serious dedication to a no-stress no-drama environment.

We host weekly in-game events involving straight RP, foundry events, PvE content, or a mix, and have a strong forum activity as well. Forum contribution is not required, but we do use it heavily to convey information and host fleet contests.

Our vision of Star Trek RP involves a few key aspects:

1. All our members are captains, the civilian equiv, or below, with our fleet leader being a commodore. Joining members will be a captain or below, or of civilian rank equivalent to captain or below.

2. We value unique characters and stories, and do not accept characters from borrowed IP.

3. We emphasize quality RP. To this end, we don't accept Mary Sues or overpowered characters, and we appreciate the English language. If you know the difference between alot and a lot, and use roughly proper grammar in your roleplay, we're interested!

IC Premise:
TFA's operations are based on Outpost Argo, an in-construction starbase, with a number of Federation ships answering to that command. This allows us to have a variety of roleplay opportunities, from starbase counselors, doctors, to bartenders, research facilities postings, to captains, commanders, and other junior officer positions on other players' ships. So if you already have a position in mind, it's likely we'll have a place for you!

Recently, Task Force Argo sustained heavy losses in an ambush by Klingon fleet Strike Force Kargas, a longstanding enemy. In an effort to replace the catastrophic loss of life, Task Force Argo is going through a massive recruitment drive, seeking the best, the brightest, the most reckless and interesting officers out there.


If this all sounds ossum an' golden to you, drop by our forums at for more information! If it still looks like the place for you, the first step to joining is the 'recruitment' option on the top of that menu. Happy hunting!

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