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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
Little known secret but the slight damage boost from TT scales on your "crew", too. It's very minor but in an escort more damage is more damage, every little helps.

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Well thats why when the space doff first came out i had to pm capt as fast as i could. i told him about it because it would keep tt up. i then asked him if it would help verse phaser procs. we did hit the ques (not together) and i was telling him how i was getting max 2 sec pahser procs. this was not the norm since they lasted around 5-7 secs. drunk posted pics of this actually. but this 1 doff no 1 really cares much about has saved my ship a number of times when phaser procs was at its worse. just sad people knock it as an rp doff. i used to use 2 tt doffs a blue space nurse and 2 sdo when people thought its much better to have 3 sdo. and i did test 3 sdo with 2 tt doffs. truth is the nurse with 2 tt and 2 sdo kepted me alive longer. aslo this nurse makes it so skilling sub rep isent wasted points. its the main reason in pug vm never bothered me. and i see why now. ty bort for the heads up on a messed up tool tip. its the reason i wondered why when i respeced with 0 points into sub rep vm was lasting longer. never knew why till bort said it.